Nepali New Year 2075 Celebration by NJAC and NCNC

We would like  to inform all the Nepalese community in Canada that we are organizing Nepali New Year Celebration 2075 on 14th April 2018 with the Nepali famous Artists (Kuber Rai , Kala Devi Rai , Jhagad Singh Rai (Santosh)) and other famous local Artists here in Canada .

Date of Event :- 14th April, 2018

Place  :- Grand Taj Banquet and Convention Centre Hall , 6915 Dixie Road, Unit# 20 , Mississauga, ON L5T 2G2.  Tel :. (905) 670- 8313

Chief Guest :- Dr. Om Gurung

Nepali New Year 2074 Grand Celebration

Thank you all Nepali community members for your great support and participation to make this New Year Celebration 2074 as Grand Event.

Thank you all singers, dancers, volunteers and Mr. Badri Pangeni.


April 15, 2017


Episode 01: Sat, Mar 14, 8:00AM


This first Episode of Nepal TV Canada aired on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 8:00AM on Rogers TV Channel 10 & 63. Repeat telecast was on Monday, March 16, 2015 – 5:00PM. Nepal TV Canada is a community driven channel of the Nepalese community in the GTA

Episode 01: Highlights
a. NTV Canada launch programme of 28 February 2015. Features felicitations and speech by newly appointed Nepal Ambassador to Canada HE Kali Prasad Pokhrel, Honorary Consul General Dr Kunjar Mani Sharma, various representatives of Nepalese associations and briefings by the volunteer and organizing team of NTV Canada.
b. Highlights of the Sherpa Associations annual Losar (new year) festivities.
c. Glimpses of the programme organized by NRN (Non-Resident Nepali) to felicitate and welcome new designated ambassador to Canada HE Kali Parasad Pokhrel.
d. Some views of the programme organized by Brampton Mt. Everest Lions club, featuring newly elected Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey, performances by renowned folk singer/musician Purna Nepali and Om Bikram Bista.
e. Highlights of Magar Association Canada’s annual cultural Maaghe Sankranti including interview with Chief Guest Honourable PC MP Patrick Brown.
f. Interview with local Nepali singer and musician Aadi Yakthumba and glimpses of his music video.This is the first Episode that the team has managed to pull up within a rushed deadline and limited resources. We apologize for any quality issues, errors or omissions of any kind. However, we will certainly improve in the days to come and look forward to all your support in making our community channel a success!Nepal TV Canada Team

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Astha – Singer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer

“An emotionally inspired songstress with a graceful and versatile acoustic sound…”

Astha Tamang-Maskey is an aspiring Nepalese independent singer/songwriter/sound engineer based in Toronto, Canada. Graduating from the Independent Music Production program at Toronto’s Seneca College (2008) and the Audio Engineering Program at the Harris Institute of Toronto (2011), Astha is also a budding female sound engineer. She comes to the table with a charismatic persona and a unique sound backed by her acoustic guitar. Having been continuously songwriting since the age of 14, Astha now has an array of songs which all hold meaning and speak of a deep truth.

Astha has performed at numerous Toronto music venues such as the Smiling Buddha, the Reverb, Holy Joes, the Horseshoe Tavern, Tranzac and the Opera House to name a few. She has also performed at multiple music festivals in Nepal such as Fête de la Musique, City Roots Festival, Nepal Music Festival, the Chevrolet Miles Music Festival and the Himalayan Blues Festival.

When given the opportunity to travel back to Nepal, she took advantage of it and released a Nepali debut album, “Sabai Thikai Huncha” in January 2009 (Kathmandu). Independently released by Astha, the album is a mix of acoustic, live and electronic music, with 1 English and 7 Nepali songs co-written by Astha and her mother Susan Maskey. Working closely with Astha was production genius, Rohit Shakya who brilliantly produced all the songs on the project. Also featured on the album are prominent Nepalese musicians such as: Rizu Tuladhar (Looza) on bass, Abishek Bhadra (JSC Trio) on keys and Prazol Raj Kanskar (Looza) on drums.

Her first radio single off the Nepali album, “Gotta be love” received a significant amount of plays, charting at number 1 on Nepalese FM stations. Her second radio hit, “Jhuto Satya” received a nomination for “Best Rock Vocal Performance” on Image Awards 2009 (Nepal). Recently, Astha was awarded the “Best Pop Female Vocalist” award at Radio Kantipur’s Music Honours 2010 (Nepal). Her single “Harek Saas Sita” charted number 1 on Hits FM radio station and was nominated for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” on Hits FM Music Awards 2013 (Nepal). Her latest single “Khula Aakash” (2012) received airplay on MTV Roots India and charted number one on all major Nepalese radio stations.

Astha released her debut English EP – 11:11 in 2011 and came out with her most recent Nepali release “Ma Ek Sapana” in June, 2012 at a grand event at the Rastria Naach Ghar, Kathmandu. The event featured live collaborations with two prominent Nepali acts: Kutumba and Jindabaad.

Astha’s newest Nepali single, an awareness song for child rights organization – CWIN is expected to release in September, 2014. A new English EP in collaboration with producer Rohit Shakya is a work in process scheduled to release end of 2014. Aside from being a musician, Astha is also an entrepreneur in spirit. She is a passionate dreamer, a risk taker and an advocate of knowledge. Astha and her team now co-own their very own production company – Fuzz Factory Productions. Fuzz Factory Productions is an emerging and enthusiastic multimedia company, offering a variety of production services encompassing music video/documentary production and editing, HD filming, web design and sound recording, mixing and sound design. With a team of creative individuals with years of production experience in the industry, they strive to set a creative standard.

Young and driven, Astha has realized that a career in music is her ultimate passion. Astha – her name itself means “faith”, and her faith is in her music.

New Single / Where Have You Been – The Author x Astha


Anuradha Koirala

A society free from trafficking of women and children.

Born in 14 April 1949 to Colonel Pratap Singh Gurung and Laxmi Gurung, Anuradha Koirala was brought up in a family that regarded providing services for humankind as the best form of pious work. She studied in  Saint Joseph Convent School Kalimpong, India. At the school, sisters and mother further increased her devotion towards the social work.

For more than twenty years, she taught English at various reputed schools of Kathmandu. Mother Teresa was the biggest source of inspiration to initiate a mission for the betterment of humankind. Therefore , in 1993 Ms. Koirala founded Maiti Nepal with the aim of providing services for both children and women who have endured untold pain and suffering, often in silence. Children ,girls and women were being trafficked within and from Nepal for commercial sexual exploitaion. She set up Maiti Nepal with a vow to put an end to this heinous crime.

After establishing Maiti Nepal, she plunged into the service of humanity. Her first work was setting up of a rehabilitation home so that she could provide a home to those who have nowhere else to turn to. Now, Maiti Nepal has three prevention homes, nine transit homes, two hospices and a high school. More than one thousand children are getting direct services from Maiti Nepal everyday. She made it possible with her firm determination and unprecedented leadership.

Maiti Nepal today conducts a wide range of activities. Conducting awareness campaigns, community Sensitization, rescue operations, Apprehending Traffickers, providing legal support to the needy, women empowerment programmes, providing anti retro viral therapy (ART) to children and women infected BY HIV are regular activities of Maiti Nepal.

So far, Anuradha koirala has been provided 30 national and international award in recognition of her courageous acts and lifetime acheivement furthering the cause of children’s and women’s rights. Some of the international awards includes German UNIFEM Prize 2007, Queen Sofia Silver Medal  Award 2007,  The Peace Abbey, Courage of Conscience  2006 etc. Her achievements include liberating twelve thousand girls from brothels, providing ART before the government of Nepal could initiate this process. Due to her continuous struggle, Governmment of Nepal recognized anti –trafficking day, which falls on 5 September. This endeavour was initiated by Maiti Nepal. She was also appointed as a state minister  as an honour to her contributions.

Ms. Koirala loves spending time with children, they say that they get a warmth of mother and a father. She is self motivated person relishing new and dynamic challenges with a leadership role if required in a team environment or independently.

On 23rd September Ms. Koirala was selected as Top-10 CNN Heros. The global voting through the website of CNN would determine CNN hero of the year. It was the  result of her struggle and compassion to fight the social evil of human trafficking , that CNN has recognized her as a TOP 10 Heroes of the world list. This honour to the daughter of Nepal is a Pride for our Nation.

On 25th  November 2010 she was declared as CNN Hero of the year through global on line voting . Her victory as a CNN Hero is a pride and honour to the nation itself.


Teriya Magar – Winner of DID L’il Masters 2014

Teriya Magar emerged the winner of the DID L’il Masters 2014. She won the hearts of millions with her performance on ‘Nagada Sang Dhol’ at the grand finale of the DID L’il Masters 2014 show.

Teriya is from Rudrapur, Nepal. She loves Bollywood dance style. She was teased lovingly as ‘Moti’ and ‘bacteria’. Teriya won due to her lovely expressions during performances.